About Louis

Louis Paul, A Lifetime Man of Magic

It all started at the Strand Theatre in Cumberland, Maryland where young Louis Paul was attending a Christmas Party sponsored by the Celanese Corporation.

Entertaining the audience was a professional magician known as “Kartay”.  During his show, I was awe-struck by the aura of magic.  Unbeknown to Louis, this was the humble beginning to a lifelong journey, studying the art of magic.

My first public show was in the basement of my parents home.  My brother and I earned some spending money by collecting soda bottles and doing odd jobs around our neighborhood.  With dreams of hitting the “big time”…we ordered magic props through the mail from a dealer in Chicago.  We also checked out about every book on magic that was in our public library.  After weeks of practice, we put together a carnival to help benefit Muscular Dystrophy featuring a live magic show starring the two brothers as…”Magic Masters”.

After several years and dozens of shows, my brother headed to college.  I had to make some quick decisions.  I came up with a one man show entitled, The Magic of Louis Paul.

I sharpened my skills over the years, and still do to this day by attending magic seminars, classes, demonstrations and lectures taught by world-renowned magical artists.

Today, magic is just one part of his entertainment skills.  Louis is labeled as one of the most sought after Latex Technicians (Balloon Artist) in the country today.  He is in constant demand by major corporations, college and universities, fairs and festivals and private parties; from Columbia University to the Space Needle in Seattle, with hundreds of performances in between.  His skill has taken him all over the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico and Canada.

I customize every magic and balloon show that I do, keeping in mind the different age groups and special interest.  Not only do I customize my programs, I also custom build many of the props I use in my shows.  To do this, I invested in a shop full of specialized tools & equipment allowing me to create effects that many have never been seen before.

At times, when the performing conditions allow, Louis will close his magic act with a song played on the “Tumbleronica”.  An instrument that consists of 30 drinking glasses made of crystal clear, arranged on a table, fine tuned with water, and played with the finger tips.  When people are asked to describe the sounds produced by the glasses, they range from eerie to magical.

What lies ahead for this man of magic?  Well…I do not plan on retiring anytime soon!  That is one nice thing about magic.  It is a lifetime activity.  I know magicians who are in their 90’s and still performing and still enjoying it.  It really is a matter of discipline, like any other art.  You need practice and you need to love to entertain people.